Our principal purpose is to enhance public support for, further the views and goals of and to support increased professionalism of the troopers of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. We do that in several ways, some of which are listed below:

Donations to Troopers and Their Families

Through the years, COHPS has provided many monetary donations for Troopers and their families in time of need. The support could be for an on- or off-duty injury, or for needs of a family member. COHPS has assisted Troopers and their families whose homes have been damaged by tornadoes and other disasters. Usually a COHPS Board Member will provide aid to the Trooper and his/her family within 24 hours of being informed of the need. 

Department of Public Safety 75th Anniversary

COHPS sponsored the Department of Public Safety 75th Anniversary celebration at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum on May 11th, 2012. Hundreds of attendees, including past and present employees of DPS, were in attendance. Outstanding Troopers and civilians were recognized at the event. Governor Mary Fallin welcomed everyone and former Governor Keating was the keynote speaker. 

COHPS Funded “Proudly Protecting Oklahoma”

COHPS provided funding for the publishing of Bob Burke’s book, Proudly Protecting Oklahoma. The book was published by the Oklahoma Heritage Association in honor of the 75th Anniversary of the OHP. It reveals the rich history of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol and the brave men and women who severed the citizens of Oklahoma from 1937 to the present time.

Trooper Spouses' Appreciation

COHPS annually sponsors a Spouses Appreciation Event. This is held in conjunction with the Oklahoma State Troopers Association Annual convention. The Troopers' spouses are recognized for the support and sacrifices they provide to their Trooper and their children daily. Games are played and every spouse wins a prize. 


Christmas Lunch or Dinners

COHPS annually sponsors Christmas celebrations for every Troop at the respective Troop locations. These are attended by the Troopers, support staff, their families, and retired Troopers and their families are invited.

COHPS Annual Golf Tournament

Each year the organization hosts a golf tournament, which is the organization's only source of income other than membership fees. This tournament allows COHPS to provide substantial support to the Department of Public Safety and the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

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